2nd Grader Grazia Ferraro featured in the Courier Journal!

Highlands Latin School 2nd Grader Grazia Ferraro has been awarded a first place distinction in the World Handwriting Contest.  Hosted by Handwriting for Humanity, the contest consists of three categories: Cursive, Manuscript, and Artistic.  Grazia’s submission won a first place award in cursive writing for her age group.

Along with her classmates, Grazia spent regular time in school and at home mastering manuscript and cursive throughout her first grade year.  Students at HLS utilize the New American Cursive Penmanship Program written by Iris Hatfield and published by Memoria Press.  The program combines proven teaching methods with the needs of the modern student for a fast, legible script.

Though cursive is traditionally taught in third grade, Highlands Latin’s curriculum begins cursive instruction two years earlier.  Admissions Director Mary Lynn Ross states, “Children love to imitate adults, so they are excited about learning cursive in the first grade.  We choose to capitalize on that excitement by introducing cursive before most other schools.  Teaching cursive at an early age allows the children to become fluent so cursive is useful when their daily work dramatically increases in third grade.”

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