Highlands Latin 12th Grade Multicopter Competition

MultiCopterObjective: Build a multicopter from individual components using a programmable board (e.g. arduino) and complete a series of tasks for points. The team with the most points wins.

Each team of 12th graders will receive an $850 budget to purchase components for constructing a multicopter. Starting with a DIY kit such as 3DR-Y6 from 3drobotics.com or similar DIY kit is allowed. Teams may bargain and negotiate for items but may not barter. All transactions must be with independent third parties. Teams may use items already owned if the cost can be verified and is deducted from the budget.

Teams will be provided with one Weller WLC100 Variable Power Soldering Iron with ST3 and ST7 tips, one roll of 60/40 solder, one tip cleaner, one desoldering wick, and one helping hand clamp with magnifying glass. Teams may borrow any additional tools necessary.

Twelfth graders interested in competing should attend the first meeting on Thursday, March 20th from 3:30 to 4:30 in room 211.


Fly to within 30’ of 4 individually marked waypoints. +50 Points.
Digitally video/photograph 2 objects from a distance less than 30’. +25 points
+2 points for the team with the clearest video/photograph.
+2 points per object for the team the the closest video/photograph.
+10 points for wirelessly transmitting images to a provided screen.
Submit complete accounting of purchases with receipts. Accounting must show starting cash balance, ending cash balance, and a list of expenses with date, vendor, and dollar amount. Teams may use a spreadsheet, paper ledger, or free accounting software such as freshbooks.com or waveapps..com. Teams must bring printed copies of receipts and accounting record to the competition. +50 points.

Bonus Points:

+10 points for completing task #1 in the least time.
+5 points for the lightest multicopter.
+15 points for displaying, recording, or transmitting an electronically measured distance from the multicopter to a specified object while in flight.
+10 points for the team with the most money remaining after the competition.
-10 points one time for making contact with any object or the ground during task 1 or 2
-10 points for losing prepaid Visa card.

GPS coordinates will be provided for waypoints and video objects before the competition begins. All objects will also be physically marked for manually controlled multicopters.

Mr. Lowe

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