Drama Troupe’s production of The Curious Savage

In just ten short weeks the HLS Drama Troupe put together two nights of impressive performances presenting The Curious Savage by John Patrick.

A comedic play centered around a woman named Ethel P. Savage (most commonly referred to as Mrs. Savage), it is set in the 1950s America in the Cloisters, a bustling mental institute filled with many strange, whimsical, and friendly faces. A warm place more than anything, it is home to the likes of the eccentric Fairy May, the battle-scarred Jeff, the delusional Florence, the mathematical Hannibal, and the absent-minded Mrs. Paddy. Enter Mrs. Savage, an elderly woman with blue hair and the personality of a teenager. After the sudden death of her husband, she acquires his life savings of approximately ten million dollars. As Mrs. Savage begins donating this mass amount of money to charity, her three stepchildren (who desperately want the money) respond by checking her into The Cloisters – and leaving her there.

The full performance is below for your viewing pleasure!

[vimeo 242998549 w=640 h=360]

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