The GOOD Project 2017

One of the high points for the House System during first trimester was the completion of the GOOD Project. As you know, each morning we begin the day with a word of encouragement given by different faculty members. This year we are focusing on the Transcendentals (the Good, the True, and the Beautiful) as the unique ways in which man was created to reflect the nature of God. We fulfill our purpose as human beings to the extent we reflect God’s action/desire (Good), perception/ thought (True), and feeling/judgment (Beautiful). We took the first trimester to focus on the Good and challenged the students to create an art project that represents their understanding of the Good. They were given six panels within a frame and encouraged to use a variety of media. Your students met this challenge with wonderful results.

Below you will find the themes and panel descriptions given by each House, and images of each House’s final product.

We hope you enjoy their creativity and grasp on that which is Good!

The House of ANDREW

Theme: The Goodness of God’s Creation (Abstract tree to symbolize the Garden of Eden)

Panel 1: Day Four: The Sun, Moon, and Stars: Acrylic Paint and Gold paper (11th grade)

Panel 2: Day One: Light and Dark: Acrylic Paint, contrast between Light and Dark (7th & 8th grade, CH)

Panel 3: Day Two: Sky and Water: Acrylic Paint (9th grade)

Panel 4: Day Three: Dry land/Plants: Acrylic Paint (10th grade)

Panel 5: Day Six: Man and Land Animals: Wood Burning technique (12th grade)

Panel 6: Day Five: Sea Life: Finger Paints, Beads, and Watercolors (7th & 8th grade, SM)

The House of DAVID

Theme: Days Of Creation; “And God saw all that He had made, and it was very good indeed.”

Panel 1: Day One: Light Media: Acrylic Paint (7th & 8th grade, CH)

Panel 2: Day Two: The Sky Media: Pastels (10th grade)

Panel 3: Day Three: Flowers, Plants and Trees Media: Wood Burning (9th grade)

Panel 4: Day Four: Sun and Moon Media: Watercolor (7th & 8th grade, SM)

Panel 5: Day Five: The Whale Media: Markers and Pen (11th grade)

Panel 6: Day Six: Man Media: Pencil (12th grade)

The House of GEORGE

Theme: The Good demonstrated in the different ways in which God has revealed Himself to mankind throughout Scripture

Panel 1: Creation media: Styrofoam Ball and Acrylic Paint (12th grade)

Panel 2: Promise of the Rainbow media: Melted Crayons (7th & 8th grade, CH)

Panel 3: Call of Abraham media: Sand, Ribbons, and Sequins (10th grade)

Panel 4: Law of Moses media: Illuminated Manuscript (9th grade)

Panel 5: Christ media: Calligraphy and Acrylic Paint (7th & 8th grade, SM)

Panel 6: Church media: Photography, Stained glass (binder dividers) (11th grade)

The House of PATRICK

Theme: For our Good Project we focused on the story of the Gospel and the Promises of God.

Panel 1: God declares creation is good- calligraphy (11th grade)

Panel 2: Rainbow/ God’s promise to Noah to never destroy the world again- quilling. (7th & 8th grade, SM)

Panel 3: The burning bush- painting (10th grade)

Panel 4: Christ’s Baptism and the scene when God tells him, “you are my son with whom I am well pleased.” (9th grade)

Panel 5: Christ’s birth, death on the cross, and resurrection – stacked drawing (12th grade)

Panel 6: Pentecost which is the promise of God to send the Holy Spirit upon the Church (6th and 8th grade, CH)

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