2017 National Latin Exam Awards

There is a reason our school isn’t merely called “The Highlands School.” The study of Latin is a central component of our curriculum, crucial to the intellectual development of our students and vital to imparting the cultural and historical knowledge of our civilization. Each year our students participate in the National Latin Exam, which not only tests their hard-earned Latin prowess, but also provides us an opportunity to measure HLS against other great schools like Phillips Exeter, Boston Latin, and Cistercian Prep.

“All of our Latin teachers work hard to teach through grammar and translation—the usual curriculum of each grade. But when it is time to prepare for the National Latin Exam, teachers pay special attention to the students’ weaknesses in order to improve their chances of doing well. The number of medals and ribbons students earn shows how successful the teachers have been.” -Dr. Matt Dickie

Out of 221 participants at HLS, our students earned 7 perfect papers, 113 gold medals, and 54 silver medals. Perfect papers were earned by 3% of HLS students, compared to a national average of 0.8%. Gold medals were earned by 51% of Highlands Latin students, compared to a national average of 11%.

Notable Mentions

In Kentucky, 40 schools and 1,518 students participated in the National Latin Exam. Of the 17 perfect papers in Kentucky, 7 were written by HLS students and 113 of 247 gold medals were earned at Highlands Latin. 

Worldwide, 140,000 students in 17 countries participated in the National Latin Exam. Two Highlands Latin students, Meg Booker and Rachel Kimbell, earned perfect scores three years in a row and received the Goad Memorial Book Award. Only 21 students out of 140,000 worldwide earned this award. Congratulations to Meg and Rachel.

Senior Maggie Roy received an even rarer award.  She was 1 of only 4 students worldwide to earn 6 gold medals on the National Latin Exam and earned the prestigious Maureen O’Donnell Award.

Congratulations Highlands Latin students and good luck next year!


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