Oliver Noth competes with Northern Kentucky Young Marines in Washington, D.C.

Oliver is pictured above in the front row, far right

HLS sophomore Oliver Noth competed for the Junior and Senior Regimental Young Marine of the Year titles on November 5 in Washington, D.C. 

Oliver is a member of the Young Marines, a national youth program modeled after the Marine Corps and focused on leadership, community service, and self-discipline. 

At our nation’s capital, Oliver’s Northern Kentucky Unit conducted itself brilliantly. Oliver and three members of his unit each competed alongside nine other Young Marines for the Junior and Senior titles. In the end, Oliver’s unit won both titles in a clean sweep! Emmalyn Martin was selected as the Junior Young Marine of the Year, and Abby Smith was selected as the Senior Young Marine of the Year. 

“We were all really proud of Emmalyn and Abby,” Oliver said. “We flew out to Young Marines Headquarters. We went up before a board, and they asked questions pertaining to leadership qualities. It was nerve-racking, but I’m excited to do it again next year.” 

Title candidates work hard all year to earn promotions and leadership positions within the Young Marines, and must earn good grades, perform community service, and participate in extracurriculars outside the program.  

“I started when I was eight, and it’s given me a lot,” Oliver said. “It taught me these qualities of leadership which have really improved my character. I’m actually able to step up and take situations on that I would have been too scared of before.” 

Congratulations to Oliver and his unit for such a distinguished performance! Excelsior. 

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