Class of 2024 | Senior Stories

Camaraderie, Leadership, and Growth

At Highlands Latin School, Braxton Harstine has valued the caring community, grown through opportunities in sports and leadership, and developed a work ethic that will enable him to tackle anything in life. He plans to attend Hillsdale College and major in economics.

“Being a part of the HLS community means serving others,” said Braxton. “I hope that future students would see me as somebody who worked hard and cared about the people around him and tried to make their lives better.”

Building A Beautiful Community

From set building and prayer group to valued classroom experience, Keely Haner loves being involved in the Highlands Latin community and appreciates the beautiful in everyone she meets. Keely plans to attend Murray State University and major in biology.

“I’ve developed a stronger sense of self. I’m more confident. I’ve grown so much deeper in my love for the Lord,” said Keely. “This year, especially, I’ve developed a greater love for what we’re learning. It’s not just school: This is how to live.”

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