About HLS


The intensive study of Latin in the grammar school years develops the minds of students as no other subject can.  Students who have learned how to learn with our Latin curriculum become better students in all other subjects.


Highlands Latin teaches and upholds traditional Christian morality, and the Holy Scriptures as the divinely inspired word of God. Highlands Latin warmly welcomes families of other faiths, but we ask that you respect our distinctive Christian identity.


In our traditional classrooms, a knowledgeable, enthusiastic teacher carefully leads students into an understanding of each subject. Classrooms are quiet, orderly, and disciplined with incremental, age-appropriate, and skill developing work.

The Highlands Latin Mission

In partnership with parents, and guided by the Gospel, we strive to educate students to the highest standards of the classical tradition, so that they may grow in knowledge, wisdom, and the love of Our Lord, and more ably use their gifts in the service of others, and for the glory of Christ and his Church.

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A Message From Our Founder 

“Welcome to Highlands Latin School. Our website has a wealth of information to help you become better acquainted with the distinctive culture and academic programs of HLS. I encourage you to explore this website thoroughly to learn as much as you can. And, to give you a quick overview first, I like to summarize Highlands Latin in three words, Christian, classical, and traditional.” – Cheryl Lowe

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Highlands Latin School is accredited by the Kentucky Non-Public Schools Commission and is a Founding Member of the Classical Latin School Association.

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