Academic Overview

Latin and Greek, mathematics, and music are foundational and universal languages. They are the cumulative and challenging subjects in the HLS curriculum, enabling students to reach their full intellectual potential by developing the powers of the mind as no other subjects can. The singing of sacred music awakens the soul to God and assists in creating a community of faith, hope, and love. A careful reading of the classics, guided by the truths of the historic Christian faith, develops wisdom and virtue.

Primary School (K-2)

HLS Primary school teacher writes on the board in front of her class with students at their desks

Grammar School (3-6)

Student takes notes in notebook at Highlands Latin School classroom desk

Latin and Greek

HLS Latin and Greek teacher teaches students


HLS teacher explains whiteboard contents to class of students


Two students test their homemade rocket outside of Highlands Latin School

Christian Studies

Highlands Latin School student does example problem on the board in front of the class

Classical Studies

3 Highlands Latin School students dress up in Ancient Greek costumes and participate in a play

English and Literature

Highlands Latin School teacher explains the notes on the whiteboard to student

American Modern Studies

Student takes notes in her notebook in a Highlands Latin School classroom

Logic and Rhetoric

Highlands Latin School teacher points to notes on the whiteboard while teaching his class


Man plays piano for assembly of Highlands Latin School students


Two Highlands Latin Schol students pose for a photo together outside under a tree