Christian Education Partnership (CEP) with Asbury University

Highlands Latin School and Asbury University partner in what is known as Asbury University’s Christian Education Partnership program. This program aims to create and promote mutually beneficial initiatives in Christian education including making continuing Christian education more affordable. The partnership grants HLS students and their guardians as well as HLS staff and their spouses access to a variety of discounts and resources for spiritual, academic, career, and character development including but not limited to access to continuing education, Asbury’s Professional Development and Career Services, and the Asbury University Job Board.

Asbury University’s CEP Scholarship

Highlands Latin School seniors who apply and thereafter matriculate as a full-time residential on-campus student to the university may elect to utilize the Asbury & HLS Christian Education Partnership’s Partner Tuition Rate. This Partner Tuition Rate, otherwise known as the CEP Scholarship, allows students to attend Asbury University for 50% of the published tuition rate for eight consecutive semesters (a normal 4 year college attendance) not including room, board, or student fees. Students must remain in good academic standing and maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to continue to receive the scholarship. If a student elects to utilize the CEP Scholarship they may not stack other Asbury University Scholarships onto this, however they may stack external scholarships onto it (an example of this would be a student’s KEES award, the Kentucky Education Excellence Scholarship for students who are Kentucky residents).

To view Asbury University’s present tuition rate, room and board costs please click here. To view Asbury University’s full list of available scholarships please click here (students may apply for other Asbury University scholarships, but must choose to apply whichever Asbury sponsored scholarship will be most beneficial to them).

Asbury University’s CEP Dual Credit

Dual credit is when a high school student takes a college level course and receives credit from both the participating high school and college. Asbury University and Highlands Latin School under the Christian Education Partnership have worked together to designate two of the HLS senior courses as dual credit courses. These two courses include Honors Literature & Composition V course (designated by Asbury University as ENG 193 Seminar: Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy-3 credit hours) and the Honors Anatomy and Physiology course (designated by Asbury University as BIO 262 Human Physiology-3 credit hours).

Students are able to receive college credit for these courses from Asbury, and a transcript verifying this, from the university, by applying to Asbury Academy in their senior year (contingent on having a weighted cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher). Next, seniors will have to enroll to the above designated courses under their university name through Asbury Academy after acceptance (they will be taking the courses under their normal name here at HLS). Since Asbury University participates in KHEAA (Kentucky Higher Education Authority) Dual Credit Scholarship, students (who are KY residents) may apply for this scholarship and utilize this scholarship for these two dual credit courses to completely cover the typical cost of receiving college credit.

If students do not choose to utilize or are unable to utilize this scholarship they will pay $93 per credit hour for taking the course(s). Since each course is worth 3 credit hours this would amount to $279 per course.

Why pursue HLS + Asbury University’s CEP Dual Credit?

If students choose to pursue dual credit through Asbury, they will receive several potential benefits. The first benefit students will receive is weight to their GPA points for each dual credit course in their KEES calculations and award for senior year. The next potential benefit is the opportunity to utilize these college credits to replace general education requirements either at Asbury University or any other institution, that the student matriculates to, that will accept these credits from Asbury University. This may possibly mean paying for two less courses at college and students potentially reaching their concentration studies sooner or being able to take more electives of their choice.

How do you see if other colleges will accept these credits from Asbury University?

Simply utilize a search engine like google and type the name of the University or College, who you are investigating in terms of whether they accept the course credit you have, followed by the phrase “course transfer equivalency” (ex. University of Louisville course transfer equivalency). Most schools have a course transfer equivalency database or tool which discloses which colleges and universities they accept credit from and furthermore which college / dual credit courses from those schools their institution accepts.

You will search this database for: Asbury University, and then search for the courses: ENG 193 Seminar: Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy and / or BIO 262 Human Physiology.

If you do not see Asbury University or the courses, ENG 193 Seminar: Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy and / or BIO 262 Human Physiology listed in an institution’s course transfer database, it does not necessitate that the institution does not accept credit from Asbury or specifically these courses. It may be the case that the institution is not aware the course exists and said institution will need to review the course to decide whether they will accept it at their institution as college credit. Contact the admission counselor of the school you are inquiring about, or if you have one, your academic advisor, he or she will direct you to the department that will review the college credit; this typically involves submitting requested documentation to the school for review like the course’s syllabus and your college transcript. You can receive the syllabus from your College Counselor and order your transcript from Asbury University to be sent to the reviewing school.

Asbury University’s CEP Dual-Enrollment

Dual enrollment is when a presently enrolled high school student also enrolls at a college or university to take a college-level course; unlike dual credit the student only receives credit from the college for this course. In the Christian Education Partnership HLS juniors with a weighted cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher and seniors with a weighted cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher have the ability to dual enroll at Asbury Academy and take available online classes.

It is important for dual enrollment students to know per Asbury University that online courses are intensive – each course is only 8 weeks long, requiring a high level of academic discipline and motivation on the part of the student. Due to this, a student may only enroll in one course at a time. Asbury’s semesters are 16 weeks so a student who has interest in taking more than one online course may do so with consecutive classes.

If a student is on the fence about participating in an Asbury Academy dual enrollment course online he or she should preemptively check to see if any of the available Asbury Academy online courses transfer to any college(s) of interest that the student is considering applying to. To do this follow the same search steps detailed in the above section: “How do you see if other colleges will accept these credits from Asbury University?“.

Asbury University’s CEP Other Discounts & Additional Benefits

  • Parents of students at CEP institutions have access to a 20% off tuition scholarship for online undergraduate and graduate programs, individual courses, credential programs, and other continuing education at Asbury.

  • Teachers and staff at CEP institutions have access to a 20% off tuition scholarship for online undergraduate and graduate programs, individual courses, credential programs, and other continuing education at Asbury.

  • Spouses of CEP employees will have a 10% off tuition scholarship for online undergraduate and graduate programs, individual courses, credential programs, and other continuing education at Asbury.

  • Those enrolled in AU courses gain access to professional development & career services, provided through the Catalyst Center for Applied Learning. Those also enrolled at AU will gain access to the AU Online Job Board to post employment opportunities and search for applicants.