HLS Online Grading System

Canvas Gradebook System

Welcome to the HLS grade book system! These instructions will show you how to get started.

Logins and password resets
Customizing the dashboard
Checking Grades
Setting notification preferences


Parents may log into the online gradebook at canvas.thelatinschool.org

You may change your password from the login screen. At the login page (before logging in), click “Forgot Password?”. Then, enter the email address you use for the parent directory.


Upon login, you will be directed to your Dashboard. From here, you can view the courses in which your children are enrolled. Clicking a tile will take you to that course page where you can see details including the gradebook and calendar for the course.

You may drag and drop the tiles into any order.

You may also give each tile a custom nickname and color to help you organize them.

Those with multiple children may find that not every course appears on the dashboard. You can customize which classes appear on the dashboard: Click the “Courses” tab button. Scroll to the bottom and select “All Courses”. From here, place a star next to desired courses.

From here, place a star next to desired courses.

Grades Summary and Details:

To view summary grade for every child and course at once, click the “View Grades” button on the dashboard. For phones and smaller screens, that button may be below the dashboard.

To view detailed grades for a single student, start by selecting a course from the dashboard view or course list. Navigate to the “Grades” tab. From here you can view grades from each trimester and course by selecting them from their respective drop down menus.



Your email account will receive notifications when changes are made on Canvas that affect your children’s classes or grades. You can change the notification type and frequency in your Canvas account profile.

1. Click “Account” in the left menu.
2. Select “Notifications”.

3. Change the frequency for different notifications. The options are shown at the top of the page (right away, daily, weekly, never).