Important Upcoming Dates

*All asterisked events will be hosted at HLS for HLS students and families only.

This calendar only lists College Counseling events related to Standardized Testing, Admission Counselor visits, College Fairs, and HLS College Specific Events. Open House dates and other event deadline dates are not listed on this calendar. Please see main menu on College Counseling homepage.

  • Sat. July 13ACT Test Date (not hosted at HLS -MP Conference) Regular Reg. closes 6/7 Late Reg. closes 6/21

  • Thurs. August 1 – Common App launches updated application. Existing Common App accounts “rollover” for the new application year (learn more about the Common App account rollover here). This is also the day many school portals open their college applications.

  • *Fri. August 23HLS School Orientation

  • *Thurs. August 27 HLS Opening School Ceremony

  • *Sat. September 7 – Upper School Retreat

  • *Sat. September 14 ACT Test Date Regular Registration Deadline closes 8/9 Late Reg. Deadline closes 8/25

  • Sun. September 15 – NACAC Virtual College Fair from 1-6pm (after clicking on hyperlinking to reach page, scroll down to click on the “Virtual” tab option to learn more, and register)

  • Sun. September 30 – HLS Midterm Grades