Summer Math Drills

Summer math drills review concepts learned during the school year and allow students to work toward mastery of particular skills. 
  • R1-R3 students have received a workbook for 35 weeks of drills. Please start at “Week 25.”
  • R4-R7 students have received a workbook containing enough drills for the summer. Please follow the schedule found at the beginning of the workbook.


  1. Complete one drill each weekday.
  2. Work as hard as you can for 10 minutes. Focus on accuracy.
  3. Circle the last problem you completed in the 10 minute time. Try to complete more and more problems each day.
  4. Taking extra time to complete the drill will give you more practice, which will help you improve.
  5. Record your time to chart your progress!

3rd grade Answer keys

4th grade Answer Keys

5th grade Answer Keys