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Subject Materials Time on task/week
Arithmetic Rod and Staff Arithmetic 6 5 hours
Latin Third Form Latin, Lingua Angelica 4 hours
Literature The Trojan War (Olivia Coolidge), Anne of Green Gables,  The Hobbit, Memoria Press Study Guides 4 hours
Grammar/Spelling/Composition English Grammar RecitationSpelling Workout F, Classical Composition: Chreia-Maxim 4 hours
Classical/Christian  Studies Famous Men of Greece, Horatius at the Bridge, The Bronze Bow, Memoria Press Study Guides, Christian Studies Review of Christian Studies I-III memory verses and drill questions 3 hours
American Studies The Story of the Thirteen Colonies and The Story of the Great Republic by   H. A. Guerber, Johnny Tremain, Carry On Mr. Bowditch, Everything You Need to Know About American History 1 ½ hours
Science The Book of Trees 1 ½  hour
Music Choir, Royal School of Church Music, Voice for Life, Book IV 1 ½ hours
P.E. or recess Physical fitness and sports 1 ½ hours