Who are Admission Counselors?

Admission Counselors are a wonderful resource and a student’s guide to the admission process for the college or university they are representing! Admission Counselors travel to secondary schools and college fairs across the nation presenting critical information about their school to aid students in their college search. On top of this, Admission Counselors continue to make themselves available to students through correspondence over phone, email, or one-on-one meetings in person, to assist them through the college admission process. While they will know the specifics of the admission process of the school they are representing best, Admission Counselors genuinely care about students finding schools that are good “college-fits” for them, and they often are able to give helpful advice and insights on student’s post-secondary ideas and considerations beyond the college or university they are representing.

Sometimes Admission Counselors serve on the college or university’s admission committee and may be involved in reading applications to determine a student’s admission status!

What occurs during an Admission Counselor visit?

During a school visit, Admission Counselors will provide a presentation about their school to students, answer any questions students may have, and dialogue with them in an effort to get to know them better!

Upcoming Admission Counselor Visits to HLS:

College / University Admission Committees across the country are currently in their “Reading Season” through these late fall and early winter months. This often includes Admission Counselors whose travel seasons have paused for application reviews. As there are no Admission Counselor visits at this time, if you have a specific question arise about a school of interest, do not hesitate to reach out to the Admission Office / the Admission Counselor responsible for students in your region.