Four Highlands Latin Seniors Named 2024 National Merit Scholars

Congratulations to four Highlands Latin School seniors recognized as National Merit Scholars!

Jed Hamilton and Lane Kindig were named 4 Highlands Latin School seniors get recognized as National Merit Scholars Semifinalists, and Braxton Harstine and Clayton Nau were recognized as Commended Students.

The National Merit Scholarship program is the most prestigious national academic award for high school seniors. Less than 1% of college-bound seniors are recognized as semifinalists and less than 3% are recognized as commended students.

Jed credits his classical education at Highlands Latin School and a focus on the true, the good, and the beautiful, for getting him where he is today.

“It was worth it, and it’s made me realize that whatever you go through, if you seek to respond the right way, it will have a good outcome,” said Jed. “If we respond well to hard challenges, then we can become better through them.”

Clayton says Highlands Latin School was instrumental in developing his test abilities and that the emphasis on excellence leads to success.

“The emphasis on developing basic skills to perfection, versus quickly escalating through levels of classes, builds on a foundation for later,” said Clayton. “The continued level of excellence required to succeed here will make later challenges in life a lot easier to manage.”

Lane said that he loves both the teachers and the community of Highlands Latin School, which make him feel comfortable to work hard for his goals.

“The teachers at Highlands care about students, and they’re really good at making sure that you are properly incentivized to keep up with your work,” said Lane. “Hard work is what I thrive on. I enjoy doing difficult things.”

Braxton attributes his ability to study well and succeed on tests to his early years at Highlands Latin School.

“It’s rigorous education. The early years really prepare you to study well,” said Braxton. “It’s definitely made me a better student and prepared me to be a National Merit Scholar.”

National Merit Scholar Headshot 4

Jed Hamilton

National Merit Scholar Headshot 3

Lane Kindig

National Merit Scholar Headshot 2

Braxton Harstine

National Merit Scholar Headshot

Clayton Nau

Highlands Latin School students at a school recitation

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