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Artwork of Madison Rush selected for Team Kentucky Gallery at Capitol

In an impressive show of talent, the artwork of Madison Rush is on display in the state Capitol in Frankfort! The HLS seventh grader’s work was selected for the Fall 2022 Exhibition of the Governor’s Team Kentucky Art Gallery.  Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear and First Lady Britainy Beshear organized the exhibition to showcase Kentuckians’ artistic talents. “The […]

Business First ranks Highlands Latin 1st in Louisville on ACT scores

Friday’s edition of Business First ranked private high schools in Louisville on ACT scores and tuition. Highlands Latin was 1st among private (and public) schools on the ACT with one of the lowest tuition rates in Louisville. Note: This achievement is for the class of 2014.  See the recent Insider Louisville article about 44% of the Class of 2015 recognized in the National […]

HLS 12th Grade Multicopter Competition

Highlands Latin 12th Grade Multicopter Competition   Objective: Build a multicopter from individual components using a programmable board (e.g. arduino) and complete a series of tasks for points. The team with the most points wins. Each team of 12th graders will receive an $850 budget to purchase components for constructing a multicopter. Starting with a DIY […]

Twenty-Eight Students Recite Horatius at the Bridge in 2014

Twenty-Eight HLS Sixth Graders Recited all 70 Stanzas of Horatius at the Bridge. Sixth graders at Highlands Latin School learn 24 stanzas of Horatius at the Bridge. Those students seeking Horatius-like glory volunteer to memorize all 70 stanzas, a task involving months of daily practice and great perseverance. This year 28 students rose to the challenge and […]

National Merit Program

Why Study Latin? 7 out of 16 Highlands Latin Seniors Recognized in National Merit Scholarship Competition A record 7 out of 16 Highlands Latin seniors were just recognized in the National Merit Scholarship Competition (6 Semifinalists and 1 Commended Student).  Semifinalists represent the top 1% of college-bound seniors. The odds of this just happening by chance are about 1 in 300,000,000.  (See the Insider Louisville feature article about this […]

HLS Debate Team Success

  If you were asked, “Should the U.S. government value rehabilitation over retribution in the Criminal Justice System?” how would you respond? Once you comprehended the question, would you be able to then respond with a clear and logical argument? Could you defend your answer, too? On January 19, the HLS Debate team competed in […]

HLS Students Chosen for the GSA Program

            Congratulations to 10th grader Matthew Zolla and 11th grader Joshua Steinbach, who were recently accepted to the 2013 Kentucky’s Governor’s School for the Arts program! Matthew and Joshua, both selected for their talent in Vocal Music, will spend three weeks participating in intense arts instruction at Transylvania University in […]

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