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Horatius Society: Forty-six HLS Sixth Graders recite all of Horatius at the Bridge.

At the beginning of each and every school year, Highlands Latin School students in sixth grade face a challenge—memorize all 70 stanzas (16 pages, 589 lines, 3,201 words) of Horatius at the Bridge.

Twenty-Eight Highlands Latin Students Recite Horatius at the Bridge

Twenty-Eight HLS Sixth Graders Recited all 70 Stanzas of Horatius at the Bridge. Sixth graders at Highlands Latin School learn 24 stanzas of Horatius at the Bridge. Those students seeking Horatius-like glory volunteer to memorize all 70 stanzas, a task involving months of daily practice and great perseverance. This year 28 students rose to the challenge and […]